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Selling an Abandoned House in Springfield MA: What You Need To Know

Do you want to know the process for selling an abandoned house in Springfield MA? Do you own an abandoned house in Springfield MA? If not, there are plenty of reasons how you could end up owning one and needing to know how to sell an abandoned house. You could end up inheriting a property that you don’t have an interest in. You could own multiple properties without the desire or financial ability to keep them updated. You might have owned a rental property but your tenants left it in disarray and you’re unable to fix it. Or the damage inside the house might have been so extensive that you no longer have the ability or interest to maintain it.  

Needing to sell an abandoned house fast in MA isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Per a 2016 Huffington Post article, one of every 63 residential properties in America is abandoned or vacant. And plenty of owners are in a position to sell your abandoned house for cash in Springfield Massachusetts or elsewhere. If that’s the case, you should consider selling your abandoned property as-is to Hampden Homebuyers

However you decide to sell an abandoned house in Springfield MA, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know. 

How To Sell An Abandoned Property In Springfield MA

Selling an abandoned property in Springfield MA

The Abandoned Property Process in MA

If you own an abandoned house in Springfield MA, you have to decide if you want to sell it. And if you do, then you’ll want to figure out your process for moving forward.

If you really want to sell your abandoned house in Massachusetts fast, you won’t find a faster process than selling to a cash buyer like Hampden HomebuyersWe buy houses in any condition, including abandoned properties. We buy houses as-is, which means we will buy your abandoned house exactly as it stands. There is no need for repairs or cleaning. We’ll buy your house anywhere in Massachusetts and we’ll pay you cash for it. 

Selling to a cash buyer also means that you avoid real estate agent commissions, which can often be five or six percent of the sale price. There’s also no need to wait on banks or mortgage lenders for approval. You will deal directly with us and we will make you a fair offer fast. It’s your call to accept the offer and decide how fast you want to close on the sale. Once we close on your abandoned house, we give you cash and let you walk away without having to worry about this money pit anymore. No need to worry about fees, taxes, fines, or missed payments. 

How to go about Selling an Abandoned House in Springfield MA?

If you’re not sure about whether or not to sell your abandoned house in Springfield Massachusetts, there are actually many reasons to consider doing so. Some of those reasons are obvious but others might not be.

One of the biggest things to consider is the potential for criminal liability. Abandoned homes are magnets for crime and theft. It’s an unfortunate truth that vacant buildings and empty lots are where a lot of illegal activity can happen. While crime rates might fall nearby, whatever is happening is usually going on inside abandoned buildings and homes where the public can’t see.

Blocks with vacant or unsecured buildings tend to get way more drug-related police calls, theft calls, and violent calls compared to kinds of properties. Per their data, crime rates were twice as high on abandoned blocks as they are on blocks with properties where people lived inside the homes.

There are also major health-related reasons you’ll want to consider selling an abandoned house or property. Vacant properties are great hosts for bacteria, mold, and insects to fester and grow. Anyone visiting these spaces who has preexisting health conditions can experience them getting much worse without treatment or medicine. Per one study, there was a connection between living near abandoned buildings or vacant lots and public health problems such as mental health and chronic illness.

One of the biggest problems for an abandoned house is when it’s not actually abandoned after all. It’s common for squatters to take up residence in an abandoned house and claim that they have the legal right to live there. And once people do that, it can be hard to get squatters out of the house. Many states have laws that make it possible for someone to secure the right to live in an abandoned property if they can establish that they live there. As the owner of the abandoned house, it could cost you and could put you in some kind of legal trouble. 

Abandoned houses tend to fall into disrepair faster than houses with people living inside them. It’s one thing if people are living there but the longer a house sits unoccupied, the more likely it is there will be damage, infestations, messes, and other issues that will cost you lots of money.

Finally, owning any kind of property or house is going to cost the owner, so if it’s abandoned it can make you wonder why any of those costs are worth it. If the utilities are still on at the property, you have to pay for them. You’ll also have to pay taxes on the house and you’ll probably start getting city violations that you have to pay for once the city realizes the property is unsafe or unused. And if you leave things too long, the city or municipality might even try to repossess the property, and then you’re left with no recourse.

How to Sell an Abandoned House in Springfield MA

If you’re looking to selling an abandoned house in Springfield Massachusetts then there are some specific things you need to know about. You can sell your house as-is for cash to a home buying company or you can try to sell your abandoned house on the market. If you want to try the latter, then here are some steps to consider. 

Assessing Property Condition

One, you’ll want to assess the local housing market and make sure there’s space for an abandoned house on it. How are homes selling in your neighborhood currently? What direction are the prices going? Are there other abandoned properties on the market and, if so, what are they selling for? You’ll want to get a decent sense of how the market sees your abandoned house. 

Or you can sell your house to a cash buyer and you don’t need to worry about any of this. We buy houses as-is and in any condition, so it doesn’t matter what the housing market says. No need to clean, no need to renovate, and no need to even get an inspection. 

How to sell an Abandoned property in Springfield MA

Setting the Price

Now it comes time to price the house accordingly. The asking price is critical when it comes to selling your house fast on the market. Price your house high and you’ll scare away market buyers who aren’t interested in paying too much. Price your house too low and you’ll make buyers think it’s not worth the investment. Consider reaching out to local real estate professionals who understand the local market in order to find the right price. But make sure you’re being realistic as the market isn’t very kind to abandoned houses when it comes to a high price. 

The good thing about selling your abandoned house to a cash buyer is that they’ll make you a no-obligation offer. No need for you to set a price or worry about changing it. You just accept the offer and then you’ll get cash for your house. 

Decide How To Sell

If you aren’t finding many buyers on the open market, you should consider selling your abandoned house as-is to a cash buyer like Hampden Homebuyers. You’ll be able to sell the abandoned house as-is and you won’t have to make any repairs or cleanings. You won’t have to pay real estate commission fees or worry about mortgage approval for the buyer. And you’ll get paid in cash for your house. Plus, you’ll be able to close on the sale when you want to, often within a few weeks. 

In Conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of ways to sell an abandoned house in Massachusetts. And the best part is that you don’t have to rely on market buyers in order to sell your house. Hampden Homebuyers can buy your house right away and give you cash for it. We can give you cash for your abandoned house and you won’t have to pay any unnecessary fees. Selling your abandoned house in Springfield MA is easy to do and we want to help remove the burden from your hands. Contact Hampden Homebuyers today to start the process of selling your abandoned Massachusetts house or property today. 

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